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My Covid comeback:

Hello, hope everyone is doing well this evening.

As many of my followers/watchers will know, I've not been offering my services on AW since late 2018. My dad became terminally unwell and so i decided to give up work to care for him full time. That period in my life is over now and i was ready to re-list my "services" again when, BANG! Covid. Says. No.

So here i am, six months or so down the line from the start of lock down and I'm wondering how to go about this. I've held off for obvious reasons, but with no end in sight and no employment in my professional field I'm quite keen to get back to it and get my life back on track after the last few years.

Has anyone got any idea's? I want to protect myself, my family and of course my clients, so safety and hygiene is paramount.

In the Holistic field, Spa's and Beauty salons have a set of Government guidelines to adhere to and depending on who you work for there will usually be a set of company rules to follow. I get cc'd into all these riveting emails from previous colleagues and employer's so I'm up to date on that side of things. However, I'm wondering how i can apply it to a more intimate setting without it becoming too sterile and off putting. Or, perhaps that's just how it will have to be for now?

This is what I'm considering:

Upon booking you will receive the general questionnaire that's been used at the moment. Do you have a temperature, have you been outside the UK, have you been in contact with... bla bla bla. I would let you know to bring your own drink and towel if possible, and of course make sure you arrive nice and clean. I will of course advise anyone with underlying health conditions or weakened immune systems to wait until things are safer.

Upon arrival, hands get sanitized. I have decided not to wear a mask, it's to difficult and ineffective for how we will be spending our time together. I will of course wear one if you require me to and you may wear yours. It might be worth mentioning that I wear a clear face shield and not a mask that covers my mouth, so you would still be able to see and hear me.

I'll probably remind you to make minimal contact with things like door handles, furniture etc. But i feel like that's over kill and that hopefully most people will use their common sense.

In the past i used to see between two and four people in a day. I have decided to see how i get on only allowing one visitor per day with a minimum booking time of 90 minutes Lingam Massage.

Before your arrival i will clean all surfaces, door handles, light switches and furniture with a strong anti bac cleaning solution and then air the room properly. I do work from hotels who also have their own set of cleaning procedures to adhere to.

I know everyone has different views and mixed feelings on the guidelines given to us, i defiantly do! We've all done our research and a lot of what's been told to us is confusing. There's a lot of conflicting studies and info out there and to a lot of people it makes no sence. I don't feel like any of us truly know, despite our strong opinions. So, for now I'm just going to play it safe for both of us. I feel like we are all just going to have to get on with it and do our best to look out for and respect each other.

So all that been said it leads me to my final thought. Oral sex. What do i do about that!? I can't help but feel like i am been over the top in refusing that. Some will say i am some will say I'm not. So, for now it remains on my enjoys list. 😉

I would also suggest you disable tracking on your phone when you visit me if you are part of track and trace. That could be an awkward one to explain later on down the line!

Ultimately i want you be safe and satisfied with a smile on your face and a spring in your step! I want my guy's to feel safe when coming to visit me and leave without worry.

Thoughts and experiences are welcome!

Lauren xx

Oh and, please don't come to visit me if you have health problems, I'll still be here waiting for you when things are less risky. 😃


Hi guys, so i am looking forward to getting back into things and I'm happy to let you know I have updated my profile with my recent changes. I've not made an attempt to start replying to the thousands of emails i have received while i have been off over the last three years. I'm going to do a template message to make contact, which will include my new updates.

I will scan through emails, but it's going to be to difficult to reply to each one in depth. If you have made contact with me over the last three years and would like to come and see me, please wait for me to contact you with the new dates etc, and we can take it from there. Hopefully you can still make it along to meet me! I Apologize in advance to people who have sent me more than one email, you will be receiving the same auto message from me for each email i have received. I also apologize for how impersonal the template email is, it's not my style and i can assure you that in a month or so once i have worked through the email stack and got back into the swing of things, I'll have a little more time for attention to detail, and all will return to as it was before. I know a lot of my guy's have been worried about me since my dad's diagnosis and passing and my nan's  also. I really appreciate all the emails expressing sympathy and concern. I am doing much better now, i have been very gentle on myself, taken lots of time off and I'm more than ready to start living "normal" life again. Look forward to seeing you all soon, old and new clients alike!


Hello everyone I'm pleased to be back and excited to welcome in old and new clients and friends! Things have changed a lot this year, and in the three years i have been away from the adult world. I have also naturally grown and changed. Thus i am doing things quite differently to what you have been used to.

I am now only offering bookings for one person per day, so i can be much more flexible with my times and locations.

I will still base my self in Dartford and Bracknell as i have the perfect accommodation there. However, if you have a preferred location i can travel to you, as long as it is within an hours drive of Jun10 M25. It will have to be in a hotel as i don't offer home visits. If you would like me to visit you and have any questions feel free to drop me an email and we can take it from there.

While i have been away i have expanded upon my current qualifications and have set up my own business. Meeting my horny male clients will very much be an extracurricular activity and will have to fit in with my career. I am self employed though, so provided i have about 48 hours notice (the more the better) i can have a good amount of flexibility. As long as it's within the hours of 11:00 and 16:30 seven days a week. Shorter hours on Sunday's so i can go to church to repent for my sins! 😇 If you would like to make a booking please follow the booking instructions on the "Bookings".



Just a quick shout out to all the men i have met since i started to offer my "services". I often feel a sense of gratitude towards everyone i have met, and even the not so lovely for coming along to meet me.

When i have a look around on the Internet and when i first started out in the business i was amazed at how many beautiful women advertise their services on here and figured i may be lucky enough to get a little side line income from it and have a break from the usual 9-5 struggling of daily life.

But you all seem to quite like me, which honestly came as a bit of a surprise. I mean, i don't offer many services, I've got a lot to say for myself, my profile is not all that sexy in terms of info and my pic's are just mehhh in terms of quality and professionalism. But here i am still going strong and genuinely meeting really nice people. Yes there are ups and downs and it can be a pretty stressful "job" but none of that really comes with actually meeting people, it's all the behind the scenes crap most of you don't realize goes on. When I'm actually in the room with my guys it's always a pleasure.

I am lucky that i attract really nice normal chilled out and polite men. I have had one or two odd bod's in, but that is rare, and a few people who can be a little indifferent. But again, it's rare and I'm not particularly bothered by this behaviour after all i am dealing with the general public.  In this job and my regular line of work i meet all sorts of people, and when you deal with the general public day to day you just have to accept that when you do meet an asshole, that's just where they are in life right now and that their behaviour is more a reflection of them than it is of you. When it's all over off the go never to be seen again.

People often say that i must meet some real horrors. I actually don't! I do turn away around 70% per cent of people sheerly based on a sixth sense that i think is heightened from doing this job. I probably turn down perfectly nice, normal respectful gentlemen, but you know safety and time and such.

So i just wanted to give a shout out and a thank you to all the lovely men that i have met over the years, who have decided to come to me and spend their time with me. Your not all as weird or as bad as you often think you are! 😝