Tantric massage, Nuru massage and Lingam massage in the South East by English blonde

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Email: tefactors7@gmail.com


What is your email address: tefactors7@gmail.com

Do you offer penetration:  No sorry I don't offer this. All services i do like are included in my profile. I am more of a naughty Tantric massage sort of woman.

What oils do you use:  I use a base oil, which is usually grape seed or almond oil. Then I can add aromatherapy oil depending on whether you want it or not. The carrier oil is non scented.

Can i have your number/call you:  I only take calls from people who have secured a booking. If you would like to make contact please use the email address on my website.

How do I make a booking:  Please click the "bookings" tab on my profile.

Disabilities:  Not a problem, please feel free to drop me a message.

Age limits: I would prefer to meet with Gentlemen over the age of 35 please, no exceptions. There's no upper age limit.

Can I touch: I do like you to remain passive throughout your massage. You will benefit more from the massage if you just relax, let go and enjoy! However there is still plenty of opportunity for you to gently touch my body when we get into the physical part of the experience. And don't forget, I give you body to body, so you will feel my body in contact with your's most of the time! I must admit though guys, I don't like been grabbed, poked, prodded, squeezed hard and pulled around. I will not respond well to this and neither of us will have a good time. I know it's very exciting and that you are very horny, but please remember I am a woman not an animal in a zoo. I must be touched gently and treated with respect at all time at all times.

Do you have shower facilities: Yes of course I do, and I always have fresh towels. I will also have refreshments and if your lucky you might get a sweetie if I haven't scoffed them all!

Are you really English: I am indeed. Although I wish I lived somewhere warm and exotic!

Is it really you in the photo's: If I was going to cheat I would cheat with the likes of Charlize Theron. So yes it's me, and no they haven't been photo shopped or touched up in any way.

Are you a qualified massage therapist: I am indeed. I am a Holistic Therapist. Holistic health means that your psychological, physical and lifestyle is treated and assessed as a whole as it all contributes to your mental and physical wellness. I practice various techniques of massage, including Aromatherapy and Indian head massage. Colonic Hydra therapy, Reflexology, Crystal healing Reki, and meditation. I have also studied Anatomy and Physiology for the whole body amongst other things. I am about to start a degree course in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Are you fully naked throughout massage: I am fully naked and oiled up during most of our time together.

What times are you available: With advance notice of at least 48 hours I can see you seven days a week between the hours of 11AM and 4:30PM.

Is it Lingam or Lingham: Lingam massage is a massage of your Lingam which is your penis, all perfectly described on my profile. I have been doing this for a while and since I started, I've noticed other Tantric masseuses started to offer their own variation. However! They are all spelling it wrong, which would suggest they haven't a clue what a Lingam massage actually entails, do they even know what your Lingam is? Will you go along thinking your going to get your jollies and actually end up getting a nipple massage or some other part of your anatomy poked and prodded by a fraudster who's just blagging their way through the whole service? Who knows, I for one have no idea what a Lingham is, so be prepared for a surprise. Am I pissed off that the Del boy's and Rodney's of the adult industry are copying me? Yes, your damn right I am, especially when they are doing it all wrong. The cheek of it, the bloody scoundrels! It is an absolute art form that I have practiced, finely tuned and perfected to suit each individual client so that it is always an original and unforgettable experience. No one can match that! Put it this way guys, if you go for a Lingham massage your not getting the real deal. It's like Calvin Klein vs Galvin Cline or Chanel vs Channel, you know the fake bottles you can pick up at the pound store right? Well, fake, cheap copies are never worth it in the long run, you will probably just end up with some kind of weird rash, and not the mind blowing experience I promise to offer you! (I'm just trying to have a little fun with this) Anyway, the actual Lingam massage is fantastic, and has my lovely male friends going mad over it. Please don't go for a crappy sub standard massage from someone who has no idea what they are doing and has just added it to their profile to add another notch to their belt. You will be wasting your time. Grrrrrr 😜

Are you dominant: No. This is a Tantric service, nothing to do with domination or humiliation in any way. I am pretty upfront on my profile with my likes and dislikes. A lot of it is said in humour to get my point across, but I am not at all dominant in person.