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Email: tefactors7@gmail.com

I'm back, yaaayyy! But things have changed so please make sure you have a good read. Any unanswered questions then please feel free to drop me a short email. 😀

If you have read my profile and blogs then you will know by now that I have a full time self employed business. So, with this and the whole Covid drama I have decided it best to only see a limited amount of people per week and now only offer one meeting per day at a length of 90 minutes or more.

I no longer offer bookings via telephone, or on the day bookings. They must be arranged via email. Please send me a short message to make contact and we can take it from there. I much prefer this, as it's impossible to answer "adult related" calls when I am at work etc.  You can find my email address on here and once we have discussed what you would like from our meeting we can set a date and time.

As my schedule is very busy I will have a strict booking system and will now require a £100 deposit on all 90 minute bookings and over. The deposit will be deducted from the booking fee when you arrive. I will need 48 hours notice of cancellation via email and the deposit will be immediately refunded. All deposits will be paid via a secure payment system, I have a business account with a discrete generic name. Once we have agreed a booking date and time, just click the link on my website to make the deposit and your appointment will be secured. The night before our meeting I will send you the exact address via email along with a mobile number to call me on when you arrive, or if there are any problems.

I will require as much notice as possible for bookings, but at least 48 hours so that I can make arrangements for our meeting.

"What if i need to change the time or date but don't want to cancel?"

Once a date has been secured and deposit received, times can be changed for the day of your booking as long as it fits in with my schedule. An hour either side of your booking time shouldn't be a problem as long as I have a good amount of notice, the more notice the more flexibility I'm likely to have. I understand things happen, and dates can also be changed as long I have 48 hours notice. This can only happen once, you cannot constantly change our appointment time on 48 hours notice just because it is within the cancellation period! Date changes within five days of your upcoming booking are fine. All cancellations with 48 hours notice are refunded.

•Email me to enquire about future visits @ tefactors7@gmail.com


I believe it's all a big bloody hoax and I do not like living in fear.  On the other hand we have the rest of the population who appear to be quite comfortable in their state of mass hysteria and delusion. There is clearly more going on than we are been lead to believe, but it looks as though the majority of people have given up on thinking for themselves. I have a few of my own theories but I won't ramble on about that here. All that been said what do I really know, I'm not a doctor or a scientist. Everyone i meet has had their own experiences which result in how they feel about it. So for now I'm going to go along with the safety procedures out of respect for my clients, friends and family. I'm very sensitive to peoples wants and needs and understand that not everyone will feel the same as I do and are genuinely worried about themselves and their loved ones. So for that reason I'm only seeing one client a day, so I can minimize risk and maximize pleasure [:p] without the worry that a bunch of men have been in before you spreading all their germs around the place. In general it much be much nicer to know you are the only date I have had that day. I know it's much better for me to only see one person a day!


I was never one to see more than two or three people a day anyway. Orgasms and entertaining are tiring! My first client was always off with a bang, but by the second and third I was probably less enthusiastic than I could of been; as much as I was enjoying myself. I don't like to feel rushed, and with people been late and a schedule to keep, often times it could feel that way. I would generally spend an hour in the mornings answering emails and sorting bookings out for the day. I would be taking calls from 8am right through to about 7pm, in between clients, during lunch and whilst driving. Then another hour of emails and advertising once I got home, along with around three hours travel! UGHHH! You get the gist. After having three years off to look after my parents and work on my career I have decided that I can't go back to that... So forwards I go with this new system! Pretty much all the men I have met over the years have been a joy to spend time with, like really genuinely nice people and once I'm in the room I always enjoy myself. I don't want to offer a subpar service to people who are looking forward to meeting me, to relax, de-stress, have fun and get their balls emptied! My gentlemen callers deserve better!


In the past if I were to get a last minute cancellation or a no show I still had the chance to cover my days costs. This would happen frequently but was all factored in so it wasn't such a big deal. As things have changed I now have to secure myself. So, I have set up a Pay Pal business account and can take deposits for bookings. This will cover my rental fee and petrol for the day, which is usually between £100 and £120. The deposit will be deducted from the ninety minute booking fee. I book on a flexible rate, so as long as I have 24 hours cancellation notice the full deposit will be refunded.

I appreciate this is going to require a bit of trust. I take pride my Tantric Therapy business and have spent many years building it up, my good reputation could very easily be ruined, and I defiantly don't want to get into trouble or end up with someone out to get revenge. As you can see I am a verified member which means AW hold my current address, passport ID and a copy of my drivers licence. I have my locations up for all to see, my phone number and of course if you are paying a deposit, you could also have my business account info with a little effort. I am a bit of a sitting duck for any disgruntled clients, so I like to keep everyone happy and satisfied as best I can!

I do understand the deposit system is not for everyone, but i cannot offer my time on AW for it to be wasted, as well as a loss of the money i pay for accommodation etc. Times have changed since i started up on AW and so have people, i no longer feel safe inviting people to visit me unless i can assure they are genuine and respectful. The deposit and email system helps to protect me, and i know that the genuine among us will understand why i have had to do this.

I do not need to have a constant stream of clients and i have always preferred quality over quantity, and because of this i have enjoyed offering my services over the years. I would also like to limit the amount of people i see during the pandemic bullshit until it (whatever it is) has buggered off! I am waiting for the complaint emails, but i am going to have to ignore them, so i figured it best to explain myself here. I would like to continue to offer my services to the gentlemen that visit me and this is the only way i can happily do that. Emails only these days because i simply cannot answer adult related inquiries when i am out and about or at work, and also, screw having to answer to all the phone sex jerks and time wasters... I honestly love meeting my clients and very much enjoy our sessions. I cannot stand all the mundane in-between stuff and abusive time wasters, and so this is how it will have to be from now on.

Thanks for understanding.

Hope to see you soon! xxx

•Email me to enquire about future visits @   tefactors7@gmail.com


Make contact via email so we can discuss things. Any questions or inquires can be made here and you can decide whether you would like to go ahead with a booking or not. Times, dates, locations are pretty flexible.

Once we have discussed what you would like from our meeting a date and time will be set.

I will send you a payment link for a deposit so that you can secure your time with me.

Booking is set. I need 48 hours notice of cancellation. All deposits are deducted from the final fee. Times on the day can be changed. Obviously if i have to cancel i will of course refund the deposit.

The night before i meeting i will send you the full address via email, including my phone number.


Monday - Sunday 11:00 - 16:30 With at least 48 hours notice.


Either Dartford or Bracknell.

•Email me to enquire about future visits @


Deposits - how to pay

I am unable to take deposits at the moment, please contact me directly for all bookings