Tantric massage, Nuru massage and Lingam massage in the South East by English blonde

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Lingham Massage

This can be included in both the Nuru Massage and the Tantric Massage sessions 90 minutes and over. Below is a brief explanation as to what Lingam Massage is and what it can do for you.

This is such an incredible way to unwind and relax.

Lingam is the Sanskrit word for the male organ and translates loosely as "The Wand of Light"

You will lie on your back, I will place pillows under your head, so that you can see what I'm doing. I will then place a pillow (covered with a towel) under your hips and spread your legs with your knees bent.

Next I am going to sit comfortably between your legs. Before I touch your Lingam/penis, I will begin with relaxed, slow breathing and start massaging your legs, thighs, chest, nipples and allow you to get ready for the Lingam massage.

I shall pour a small quantity of good-quality oil onto your shaft and testicles (organic grape seed or almond).

Next I will gently start massaging the testicles slowly moving up to the area of the pubic bone above the Lingam and massage it gently. Moving back down I will massage the area between your testicles and anus, which is called the called the perineum.

Moving on I am going to massage the shaft of the Lingam varying the speed and pressure. Gently squeezing the Lingam at the base with my right hand I will pull up and slide off and then alternate with my left hand.

Don't mistake this for a "hand job", it is quite different. You will see for yourself that I vary between various techniques.

I will pay special attention to the head as it's very sensitive. I will massage all around the head moving down onto the shaft in a circular motion. Your Lingam may move between hard and soft. This is highly desirable experience in Tantra as softness and hardness are two ends of the pleasure possibilities.

As with the Tantric massage all my naughty extras are included if you would like to try them. All services listed below part are of the Lingam and Nuru 90 minute bookings, with no extra charge.

👍Touching - Naturally you will want to feel my soft curves under your finger tips.

👍Tie and tease

👍Glamour wear

👍You can kiss and play with my beautiful full breasts

👍Prostate massage - I always take this slow and gentle

👍Oral without slow and soft with lots of tongue teasing

👍Oily Anal play

👍Used panties £20

👍Breast, thigh, or foot release

👍Foot fetish, I have very pretty feet

👍Mutual touching

👍Reverse oral

👍Watch me oil my boobs then massage you with them wrapped around your shaft slowly mimicking penetration.


If I see or you tell me that you are getting close to the ejaculation I will take my hands away immediately and encourage you to calm down with some deep breaths. Once the Lingam softens a little bit I will continue your massage.

With this pleasurable practice man can achieve multi-orgasms without ejaculating. Men can learn to separate orgasm and ejaculation which result in a greatly improved sex life.

While massaging your Lingam I can search for your Sacred Spot.

Moving my hand midway between your testicles and anus I will try to find a small indentation about the size of a pea massaging it very gently until it relaxes and softens. If you feel uncomfortable (this can sometimes feel a little to intense) I will stop. However, if you you allow me to continue to massage and soften this area, it will help to increase the intensity of your orgasms and hav

You might prefer stimulation of the Lingam while getting the Sacred Spot massage, which is perfectly fine. The key is to be slow and gentle.

I will keep bringing you close to ejaculation and then backing off. For men this is the best way to master how to delay ejaculation. You need to feel and learn to control coming closer and then backing off the urge to ejaculate.

When you near ejaculation I can try to push on the Sacred Spot. In Taoism, it's called The Million Dollar Point and pressure here will increase the intensity of your orgasm.

You should breathe deeply during orgasm.

My aim is to make you to hold back your ejaculation at least FIVE Times, it will charge your sexual batteries up with tremendous energy and the orgasm that follows will simply blow your mind!

Lingam Massage can only be offered in 90 minutes sessions as it takes longer to reach orgasm and get the full benefit of the treatment. A 90 minute Lingam massage will be £250 and starts out with an intro into Tantric massage and comprises the same principles. A Lingam massage includes all services listed at no extra charge. Please let me know the type of massage you require once contact has been made. Thank you.

Please book in advance to avoid disappointment, I only take one or two bookings a week. Upon initial contact please let me know the area you would like to meet in, (Cobham, Bracknell or Dartford) the amount of time you would like to stay (minimum of 90 minutes) and the type of treatment you would like. It's really helpful to me if you include all of this info within your initial email, I do tend to ignore emails without this basic info as it suggests my profile hasn't been read or fully understood and that the person making contact doesn't understand what type of service they are coming for.